Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Are Wedding Planners Overrated?

They are pushy, overbearing, want to work with only certain vendors and spend extra money. These are some of the fears of hiring a Wedding Planner. Are they overrated?? Absolutely NOT. These days, with a busy lifestyle and overwhelming resources on how to plan your wedding, you need the savvy planner, that can guide you through the production of planning a stunning wedding. Does it take a rocket scientist to plan a wedding? No. But it does require skills and knowledge, and most importantly, resources to bring your wedding vision to a fairytale ending. A bride that has a wedding budget of at least $20,000 must invest in, at the minimum, a Day of Coordinator, so that she, her groom and their families can enjoy their celebration of marriage. For those brides that need a branded event, with each detail reflecting the couple’s personality, a complete planning package is worth its weight in gold.

Ladies, wedding planners are no longer a luxury, but a much needed investment into your wedding celebration. Still curious about those things you have heard about planners? I am going to tackle some of the urban legends about “The Wedding Planner”:

Are planners overbearing and pushy?

Planners keep themselves on the cutting edge of the wedding trends. They want to amaze you with their talent and wow your guests. Not all trends can fit into a couple’s budget. So clearly define your expectation and your budget. Sit back, relax and let your planner showcase all that can fit into your budget. But keep in mind, not all ideas may reflect your wedding vision. For some couples this is the time to express this to the planner, and as necessary reevaluate their wants and needs within the realistic parameters of their budget.

This one I hear all the time, my venue has a wedding coordinator so there really is no need for me to spend additional money hiring a planner.

Catering/Venue Managers are wonderful people and do an excellent job. They know their particular venue inside out. However, they do work for the venue, and work within the job responsibility of the venue. They are a great resource for preferred vendors but are not able to analyze your vision and budget to match you with the right vendors. Depending on the size of the venue, they may be working with multiple brides on the same day. Just as you hired a photographer that is working for you and only taking your perfect wedding pictures, a planner works in your best interest to deliver perfect wedding memories.

It is not possible for just one person to organize and coordinate multiple event team partners for your event. It requires organization and leadership skills to direct and produce a wedding. A good wedding planning company will provide you with event support, skilled assistants and a back up planner for your peace of mind. So make sure to do your research and ask the right questions. Your planner will be your best friend and will cry as she queues you to walk down the aisle.

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