Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Buffet vs. Family Style and the Winner is ……….

Hello lovely Brides & Grooms, today I am out and about getting things ready for our upcoming “I Do Rendezvous” so Mumtaz Jamal is filling in as our guest blogger.

Mumtaz is the Director of Special Events at Oliveaire, and focuses heavily on our South Asian clientele. She’s got some great advice about selecting a style of service for your wedding reception…

Planning food for your wedding celebration is no small task. Menus for the week long celebrations have to be planned, tastings to be done, caterer to be chosen, and of course, you have to pick the style of service for each event.

When deciding the service style for your Wedding Reception dinner, you want to keep in mind the venue, and number of guests you will have. It is always best to think of the style of service you want before choosing your menu. Buffet or Family Style service keeps the entree selection such that it looks colorful and appetizing.

Buffet style service is what is included in a Wedding package at a majority of the venues we work with, as they already have the serving pieces for this style of service. There is an additional charge for Family Style service from the venue, and you want to make sure the serving pieces are included in that charge, or you will incur an extra charge for renting those pieces as well.

Buffet service gives the guests the liberty to choose what they want, and how much they want, without having to wait. They can go back to the buffet for seconds, and if the food is great even thirds. Buffets give a more casual feel, as guests are up and moving about.

On the other hand, Family Style is no less than a mini buffet on the dinner table. It is a great convenience for the guests, and very elegant.

My recommendation would be… Family Style.

Thanks Mumtaz!

BBFN (Bridal Bliss For Now),

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