Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Is Selecting Linen for Your Reception an Art?

Today's guest blogger is Melanie Stancampiano, Sr. Account Executive from Oliveaire. I am excited for her to share some tips with you on how to select your linen...

There will be a time during the planning of your wedding when the colors in your flowers and table linen will meet. Combining fashion forward colors can result in a beautiful Fairytale Wedding. Or something that goes terribly wrong, as far as the color palette is concerned. As more brides and grooms are choosing bold color schemes for their wedding, selecting linens has truly turned into an art.

If you are looking to “Glamorize” your wedding, a Linen Stylist can help play with color and texture. Satin Lamour can add elegance, while an organza overlay will add a romantic and whimsical effect. Fabrics with prints and sequins can add a designer aspect that will certainly bring a strong sense of style to your reception.

Start by thinking about the overall feeling you want at your wedding, and specifically your décor. Spend a few minutes talking to your designer to let them get a feeling for who you are as a couple. Are you looking for bright fun colors? A room full of romance? Is there a theme to your wedding? Don’t be afraid to talk about what you like, and just as importantly, what you don’t like.

When it comes to color think about more than one color you want to see at your reception and don’t forget to have your florist and linen designer coordinate their efforts. You may envision your best girlfriends all wearing a pale pink bridesmaid dress. Unless you are the Steel Magnolias “Blush and Bashful” (i.e. Pink and Pinker type), you will want to see other colors in your linen, and probably your flowers. You can easily pair pink with black, white or platinum and create different, but really beautiful, looks. An eggplant tablecloth can be a great rich background for a pop of fall color in flowers. Or, a black and white tablecloth can be a great focal point with red floral centerpieces.

Be honest about your budget. It does no good for a designer to put together a look that costs $100 per table if your budget is $25. A good designer will find the best option available within your price range.

Whatever colors you choose, whatever your budget, whatever your needs, linen is a very budget friendly was to personalize your event. It will make the reception space uniquely yours, and leave a lasting impression on your guests.

As you start selecting linens for your big day have fun. Take a sneak peak before you open the doors to your guests and enjoy your stunning vision come to life.

Stay tuned next week for how to enjoy your wedding day as much as possible.

BBFN (Bridal Bliss For Now),

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