Thursday, April 1, 2010

Inspiration and Scissors

Have you ever seen a Bride’s notebook? I have, and it has notes, doodles, and vendor interviews, but most importantly, it has bridal magazine clippings of her dream wedding. In the notebook you will find a picture of her perfect dress, her bouquet, colors that she loves and flowers that she has fallen in love with. For a floral designer, nothing produces a successful meeting more than seeing what the bride’s vision entails. It may seem that your choices are disparate, but sorting through pictures to find your style can transform your wedding day into a personalized, branded, event.

Fairy tale weddings can only be reigned in by a budget. Drama of tall centerpieces, mood set with specialty lighting, lounge furniture by the bar and graceful linens, they do add up. The second largest slice of the budget, after the venue, is definitely given to the floral and décor expense. The impact of a $20,000 floral budget will not be the same as $7,000 budget, but how you maximize it will certainly define your event. Instead of creating $200 centerpieces mix and match the room with some high centerpieces and some low centerpieces. Linens are the least expensive option to add impact to the event design. If you work with a full service event studio the threads of your vision can be presented to you with a complete visual sampling.

So I say to the Brides, find a good pair of scissors and cut out as many pictures as you can of centerpieces. If attending a wedding, take pictures with your cell phone of things that you like, but also of things that you do not want at your wedding. Be Blissful, Be Inspired, Be an Artists Palette.


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