Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Tuxedo: To Rent or Buy

Today we have an expert weighing in on whether or not a groom should purchase or rent a tuxedo for his wedding day. Please enjoy:

Well, the time is drawing ever closer, you have your beautiful gown and the plans are starting to come together for the big event. Now is the time to decide if you should rent or buy the tuxedo for your significant other. How will your partner look in a rental versus purchased / tailored tux? What will you do with it after the event if it is purchased? Do you both have time to find a store to purchase a tux, and then have it tailored, or is time of the essence?

Here are some of the Pros of Renting a tuxedo:• Considerably cheaper than buying
• Finding a tuxedo to rent is fairly easy
• Lack of selection makes it easier to find your favorite
• Potential groomsmen don’t need to search for tuxedos on their own
• Practical – No use in buying a tuxedo you will only wear once
• One stop stopping – You can shop for rental shoes and tuxedos all at one location
• Easy to match tux with groomsmen’s’ tux’s

Here are some of the Cons of Renting a tuxedo:
• Lack of selection
• A lot of rental stores carry tuxedos that can look outdated or cheap
• Tuxedos can’t be tailored to suit your body type

Now for the Pros of buying a tuxedo:
• Wider selection is available for purchase
• A tuxedo can be tailored to fit your body type
• Retail stores carry more contemporary styles and cuts
• Stores often carry tuxedos of a higher quality
• If you plan on attending a lot of functions where a tuxedo is required, then buying is your best option

Finally, the Cons to buying a tuxedo:
• Shopping for a tuxedo can be time consuming. Shopping at multiple stores, tailoring the suit to fit your needs, not being able to find the right shoes, etc…..
• Quality tuxedos are often very expensive
• Unpractical – buying a tuxedo you only plan on wearing once doesn’t make much sense

The best way to decide about renting or buying a tux is to ask yourself whether or not you see yourself attending a lot of Black Tie events in the future. If you see yourself in this position, buying a tuxedo is probably the best decision. Also, if you are having a formal wedding, consider buying a tuxedo. A tuxedo that is purchased can be tailored to your specifications. This makes for a tux that will fit, and look a whole lot better. On the other hand, if you don’t see yourself attending anything that requires a tuxedo, renting is your best, and most practical, choice.

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