Thursday, March 6, 2014

2014's Top 5 Wedding Theme Trends

From the simple and savvy, to the grand and dramatic, 2014 weddings seem to cover all realms of themes and the Brides themselves.  Newly engaged and not sure what to do? Well not to worry, we have the Top 5 Wedding Theme Trends for 2014 that might spark an idea for your dream day!

Vintage Is Here To Stay

That’s right!  The vintage theme is still going strong in 2014!  The simple, savvy and very creative Brides have kept this theme trending and are doing it better than ever!  With the elegance of the neutral tones, the simplicity of the venue, and the unique use of old furniture and props, who could blame a Bride for choosing this breathtaking theme for their very own wedding day.  Vintage Weddings bring together the old and the new, and that is something everyone can appreciate!

 Bohemian Chic

2014 Bride’s seem to be in love with the whimsical details of a Bohemian themed wedding.  From the flowing dresses and the floral headpieces, to the use of wild flowers and neutral tones, the relaxed bride and groom are grasping this theme and running with it. 

With the Bohemian Chic theme, it may be very simple to find your venue… just go exploring!  Whether it is in the middle of a forest or a large open field, Bohemian Brides are taking these spots that are not commonly used, and creating them into a beautiful and unique space.  With touches of lace, neutral tones, floral and candlelight, a blank canvas can turn into a masterpiece.


The Brides this year are really going with neutral tones and simplicity for their wedding and that doesn’t fall short for the Rustic/Country theme that is still trending!  The old rustic barn combined with neutral tones, lighting, lace and floral really brings an element of romance that not many themes capture.  As you see below, the old rustic barn can bring a bride’s vision to life, no matter how she pictures it!    

Bright and Beautiful

With Chicago being the “frozen tundra” this year, Brides are overwhelmingly excited for their summer wedding and are doing it with very vibrant colors!  Every color in the rainbow is being used in the brightest way and it is making us desire the warm temperatures of summer!  Everything from the linen and floral, to the dresses and props, these blues, oranges, pinks, yellows and greens are being used in a spectacular way!   Trust us, with these bright combinations, this will be something you or your guests will never forget!

Drama, Drama, Drama

Want that WOW factor?  Well this year, Brides are making every detail something to WOW about.  And how are they doing this you ask?  Oversized floral (trees even), crystals everywhere, lighting strung from the ceiling and bold dark tones will do the trick!  Even the venue itself will awe the guests!  Grand ballrooms with high ceilings, spaces filled with oversized windows that unveil a breathtaking view, and elegant tents that are thin enough to see the stars are some dramatic venues to consider if this theme fits you!  The Dramatic Theme makes a bold statement and it entails a lot of detail, but if done right, it can turn into the dream wedding you have always envisioned.   


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