Thursday, April 18, 2013

Great Rehearsal Expectation

The bridal showers and bachelor(ette) parties are over, and that fake bouquet created with all the bows from your shower gifts is ready to be used.. It is now the day of the wedding rehearsal, which officially starts the festivities leading up to the big day, The wedding party will be very excited, all are happy to see each other, and the bride and groom are feeling the anxiety of reaching the finish line.

Why the anxiety? There are many, many reasons. They might be leaving the home, or family, they have been a comfortable part of all their lives. More likely, the planning of the wedding activities, with their hundreds of details which had to be finished by the rehearsal day, may have finally caught up with them. Finally, making that unofficial walk the down the aisle, to practice their vows with all eyes on them, would make anybody feel butterflies.

The rehearsal ceremony is usually a one-hour window where the Officiant and wedding coordinator, or church coordinator, guide you thru what to expect on your wedding day. That person, who leads you through it, expects the wedding party to be there on time, and to finish on time. It is usually held at the location of the actual ceremony whether it is a church, temple, hotel, or on a beach.

Often this is the first time that members of the wedding party will first meet each other. In this instance not only the bride and groom are feeling anxious. Imagine the Maid of Honor or Best Man is all of a sudden being escorted down the aisle by somebody they just met, and will be expected to partner up in a formal setting in the next few days. Not only that, you have to be civil and pleasant, whether he or she is nice, or has a challenging personality.

Why go thru a rehearsal? It is to relieve the exact feeling you have felt all this time you were planning your wedding. By the end of the rehearsal the couple usually starts to let go of anxiety as they feel a great sense of support, seeing all their family and friends together. When the bride walks down the aisle once or twice, the groom fumbles thru the vows, when they figure out the ring bearer may not be too crazy about walking down the aisle, or the couple hears the laughter of their loved ones, or even of each other; they feel a huge relief off their shoulders. It is also when the tears start flowing for the parents or guardians, or most often, the bride.

The rehearsal is also the time to turn over the marriage license and church fees to the Officiant, so don’t forget them! Be sure to leave the unity candle and whatever is needed to the church or ceremony location, prior to the actual day.  Musicians might check the timing of their music, especially if they are family or friends of the couple. The readers will check the volume and speed of their voice when reading. Sometimes, it is when the ladies of the wedding party wear the actual shoes they will be wearing for the official day to break them in. Do not be upset if everybody cannot make it. Your groomsman from California may have a delayed flight, or the flower girl may still be recovering from a cold. Your wedding coordinator or a bridesmaid can show them what to do on the actual day.

Now that the couple has finished seeing a preview of their big day, they can finally, along with their wedding party and close family and friends, start the celebration at the well-deserved rehearsal dinner.

The rehearsal, or pre-nuptial, dinner is usually hosted by the groom’s parents, but anybody can host it, even the bride and groom. Its mood and setting is usually the opposite of the formal reception. It can be at the couple’s favorite pizza place, the church hall, or someone’s backyard. The dress code is relaxed and the food and drinks are lively. It is a perfect time for all to hang out with the couple and there is no real schedule. Your out-of-town guests are sometimes invited to show appreciation for their efforts and expense to be there for our big day. The couple at this time usually acknowledges all who were involved, and shows their gratitude by presenting gifts. This is also a nice time for the couple to publicly thanking the important people in their lives, and again will begin to relieve more of their anxiety. The rehearsal dinner is essential to a wedding if you want your big day to be less stressful and chaotic.

What type of gifts should a couple give those who were so instrumental in planning their big day? That is another blog topic, stay tuned!

BBFN (Bridal Bliss For Now),

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