Wednesday, June 1, 2011

What is wedding entertainment?

Today we will learn about all aspects of wedding entertainment from Sr. Event Architect, Adel Domingo.

It’s not just figuring out if you should have a DJ or a band. It is a combination of your wedding fitting your personality, how you want your guests to have fun and most importantly, how you as a couple want to celebrate.

Where do we start?

First, tell the band or DJ your “do not play” or “do not do” list and stick to it. You know what those are – the songs that you really dislike or not letting your crazy relative have a microphone to sing his version of “Endless Love.”

Second, if you feel like choreographing your first dance, make sure you are both committed to it, and rehearse a lot. Even if you’re professional dancers, after a few drinks and the potential weight and size of your wedding gown, you don’t want to trip or have your groom step on your gown. The first dance is important, so pick your favoring song ahead of time together.

You do not need to do a lot to entertain your guests, just enough to let them know you appreciate their presence and that you thought of them.

A few ideas to keep your guests from yawning, or leaving your wedding reception early, are:

1. Make the speeches short. It’s pretty self-explanatory.

2. Make each other feel special. If you can sing, sing something for your groom or bride. Really kiss when your guests clink on their glasses. Compliment your bride publicly on how pretty she looks. Make sure his meal is extra special like surprising him with his favorite steak instead of the chicken you ordered.

3. If you are at a regional area, serve the regional food. For example, if you are having your wedding near apple orchards, add apples to your menu or use apples as place card holders.

4. Ask your bridal party to mingle with the guests or play hosts to the guests. are always guests who just know the bride and groom but nobody else. In short, make everybody feel welcomed.

Photo by R.E.M. Photography

5. Combination photo booths and guest books are great during cocktail hour. They are still extremely popular even though they have been around for years now. Why? Because the guests feel relaxed and there is interaction.

6. Hire a great band or DJ. Not only that, make sure the emcee is professional. This means they care about your timeline, how they pronounce your names when announced, and most importantly, they are witty and funny and know when to liven up the party when there is dead time.

7. When you throw the bouquet or garter, attach a gift card to it. Will it make the single guests be more interested to be on the floor? You bet!

8. Have interactive food. For instance, design your own cocktail. Have a martini bar. A chocolate fountain never gets old but a new twist to it is maybe to add a crepe station. The latest is to adding cotton candy or a popcorn machine near the end of the party. A popcorn machine is great if you’re having your event at a theater.

9. Choose an interesting venue or design it so it fits your personality. Do you like wineries, a vintage diner, a garden, a beach, a contemporary ballroom, a barn, or a chalet? No matter what, choose a venue that is interesting.

10. Finally, do not have a cash bar. Having an open bar is still affordable; just ask the venue to customize something that is more affordable. Maybe you can buy your own wine and the venue just charges you corkage fee. You invited the guests to your wedding and it’s more courteous to not have them pay for anything.

Wedding entertainment really translates as making every second special during your celebration. Do not over think or make it over the top so it feels like a circus. Just pick a few ideas so your wedding feels like a unique celebration, something you, your family, and friends will remember as a great experience.

Thanks for this great blog, Adel.

BBFN (Bridal Bliss for Now),


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