Thursday, October 14, 2010

Vendor Meals.. Is it a must?

I had an opportunity to speak with a bride recently about her wedding vendors. I asked her if she planned on serving a vendor meal during her wedding event. Her comments back have so thrown me off that I felt that it should be talked about.

She said, “when I go to work my employer does not feed me a Steak lunch, this is no different for the photographer, videographer etc. whom I have employed”.

My comment back to her was, “That is true but if your employer had you working at an event that had food, I am sure you would partake in it”.

So, long story short, I feel that you should always take care of your event team by offering a meal. You will be surprised how many contracts these days have the inclusion of meals, parking and travel.

For all our bliss brides out there, here are some tips on how to navigate your vendor meals:

1. Ask your caterer or venue if there is a discounted price for vendor meals. Most places will offer the same meal as the wedding dinner and some will offer a sandwich option.

2. You will have to decide in the event timeline an appropriate time for your photographer, videographer and DJ take a break for dinner. Sometimes Entertainment groups will eat prior to the event and photographer during the scheduled dinner.

3. This is the hardest decision I think, should these vendors sit at a designated vendor table in the dining room, or should they be directed to different room for their meal? If you do end up having your vendors at a designated table in the room, don’t forget to order linens and a centerpiece. You wouldn’t want an odd looking table in the room if it is not dressed up.

4. Don’t forget to ask your vendor their meal preference. They might have food allergies or a vegetarian meal preference.

Offering a meal to your event team is a nice gesture. They do spend the day with you capturing your moments and memories.

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  1. Excellent article - I always wonder what other vendors do and what's considered acceptable! I'm often asked to participate in both the rehearsal dinner as well as the reception meal. While that's very generous of my clients, I always decline. I don't feel it's appropriate for me - I'm not a guest, I'm an employee. For the day of the event, I pack a lunch or purchase my own meal. My average day when I work the day of an event is 15-16 hours, and it's not likely that I'll be eating at the same time as the guests anyway. There are exceptions of course, but these are usually when circumstances don't allow for me to bring my own meal.