Thursday, October 14, 2010

Make Sure Your Carriage Awaits You!

Most couples picture themselves in the type of car they will arrive in or depart from on their wedding day. Imagine walking out of a Rolls Royce for a touch of royalty, a limo bus for the partying entourage, a mustang for the rocker couple, or a limo for a hint of Hollywood elegance.

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Let’s say you plan to rent a Rolls Royce for that big event. What time will it show up, at whose house, how long do you have it for, and how long will it take for you to go from A to B to C or D? I guess you can figure out what I’m trying to point out. What good is this beautiful or unique mode of transportation if you don’t have a schedule or timeline? A car is supposed to get you somewhere on time, and safely. A bride wearing a silk organza gown with a long veil cannot drive herself to the church, period, and she better not be late. It doesn’t make sense to prepare for months, or even a year, for a beautiful event, and arrive late.

Always allow enough time for each activity, pause and photo opportunity, while you’re getting in, sitting in and walking out of the car, in traffic and the weather. Give your schedule to the transportation company, or wedding planner, ahead of time so they know what to expect or even advise you if your timeline is realistic. Maybe you will need 6 hours instead of 7, or it could be different altogether for a horse-drawn carriage. Horses are not as fast as automobiles. But then maybe you just need the carriage for a couple of hours, from the chapel to your reception at the nearby winery. Please remember that you need to return the mode of transportation at the agreed time, or else the driver will leave, or you will pay for the extended hour.

Always, let me repeat, always confirm your transportation ahead of time, not the day of the wedding. Call the company a month ahead to confirm, and then a week ahead, and then the day ahead, just to make sure. Make sure to pay ahead if required so you don’t have to worry about it on your wedding day. Make sure to get the driver’s name and cell phone number for the day. The office number does not help you on a Saturday when it’s closed.

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So what do you do if your ride doesn’t show up? Anything can prevent your ride from showing up - your limo was rear ended, your uncle who is supposed to pick you up in his nice Cadillac misheard your instructions, or your best man didn’t fill up his tank. Here are a few simple tips if your transportation unexpectedly doesn’t show up or is extremely late. Plan ahead, and don’t panic. Keep a taxi’s phone number handy. Tell a relative or friend who has a working car to not leave you until your formal transportation shows up. If it can’t be helped, dial that cab company’s number and order a cab, or two if you have your bridesmaids or groomsmen with you. The most important thing is to not panic. Riding in those taxis may be one of the funniest and memorable moments if you stay positive.

The message I’m driving at, excuse the pun, is it’s not just the style or mode of transportation that will get you to your long awaited event, but it’s also you planning ahead, and keeping your cool.

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