Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Torn Between Place Cards and Scrolls?

This week our guest Blogger is Mahvish Bhatty, Event Architect.

You’re getting close to your wedding date, responses are in, and you are now ready to develop a seating chart for your guests, but you cannot decide on which method is right for you. Well you have two options, 1st the boring method, Place Cards, which has been used for many weddings or 2nd, the new and exciting method, Scrolls, which hasn’t been used by many couples.

(Special thanks to Timothy Whaley & Associates for the picture)

Now you are thinking, what’s the difference between the two? Well, a Place Card is a small card with the name of a guest(s) on it, placed on the table, to indicate where he or she is to sit. Place Cards can be enhanced by being set in a special holder, and they can be served as a favor as well. However, some of holders can take quite a bit of space on the Place Card table. This can be a problem if your guest count is exceeding 300 or more guests. When deciding on a Place Card, the sky is the limit on your options, and when intermixing with Place Card holders, this can be the more expensive option.

As for Scrolls, they’re an elegant, and preferable, alternative to Placecards. The seating scroll, or wedding seating chart, can be hung from a beautiful stand, and is displayed at the entrance of the reception venue. It contains the names of all the guests, along with the table they will be seated at. The names are in alphabetical order, and split into letter sections, in order to easily find a guest's name. The seating scroll is also a great keepsake of your wedding. You get to keep it as a wonderful reminder of your special day and all those who attended! Another benefit is that you don’t have to deal with developing 300+ cards, and alphabetizing them by last names.

A scroll can be developed by simple software and given to the décor vendor or printer to print and display outside the reception space. Another great benefit is that you don’t have to deal with guests who have picked up their Place Cards but then lose it while having a great time during the cocktail hour.

If you are looking for something trendy, choose the Scroll. Your decorator should have several great ideas for incorporating the scroll into your overall room design. By placing it on a wall of candles it will become a great décor piece for the cocktail hour and the sweet table. Best of all, the scroll will be displayed all night and if anyone forgets their table number, then they can always get back to the scroll to verify. Not only that, you’ll know where your family and friends are sitting so after dinner you can quickly find them.

If I was in charge of your wedding, I would definitely recommend you choose the Scroll. This will definitely be the talk of your wedding, it will be something new, and not the same way of seating your guests that has been done time after time. Now the decision is all yours…

Whatever you choose I hope you are inspired as you work on seating your guests.


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