Thursday, August 21, 2014

The Bride's Last Hoorah!

10 Easy Steps on How to Plan her Bachelorette Party!

                You have been honored with the title of “Bridesmaid” or even “Maid-of-Honor”.  With this title I’m sure that you have been busy helping her pick out the perfect dress, picking out your own dress, and maybe have even gone to a few tastings.  Yes these items are very important, but the most important responsibility in the Bride’s eyes, is planning her Bachelorette Party! Stuck on how to plan this special, fun & crazy night?  I have listed out ten easy steps that will make planning a lot less stressful and will guarantee that the Bride will have the time of her life!

1. Whose in the Bridal Party?

Knowing who is in the Bridal Party will definitely be the first step! Request a list of the Bridal Party and their contact information from the Bride.  Also, ask the Bride who she wants there.  A lot of the time the Bride will want other close friends, family members and maybe even her and her fiancé’s mothers. 

2.   Decide the Theme!

This is the fun part!  Being one of her Bridesmaids means that you and the others know her the best.  Knowing her personality and what her favorite things are can help you decide what you would like the theme to be. Also, remember to consider your guests when choosing the theme.  Some might not as be comfortable in certain situations as others may be.  With this all being said, here are some examples of Bachelorette Party Themes:

·         Summer/ Themed: Beach, Pool, Spa Day

·         The Year She Was Born: If she was born in the 80s, have an 80s themed Bachelorette Party

·         Pretty in Pink

·         Las Vegas: Whether your in Vegas or want your theme to be Las Vegas, either way will guarantee a great time for all!

3.  Discuss Budget with the Wedding party Ahead of Time

This information is key.  Include all costs involved during the whole event, including food, travel & cover chargers!  You do not want to plan an extravagant day/night and then come to realize that everyone is not on the same page as you regarding the budget.  You will either end up wasting a lot of time or you may even be stuck with the bill!

4. Decide on the date & location of the event

Know that you know the theme and everyone’s budget, it is now time to choose your location(s) and the date.  Availability will most likely determine your date! Just remember not to schedule the event the night before important days: the bridal shower, engagement photos and definitely not right before the Wedding day!

5. Transportation

Transportation is something that is forgotten quite often.  Knowing where you’re going and how you’re getting there is key.  Since alcohol is most likely involved, make sure you plan ahead and hire a form of transportation.  Transportation options can range from limos, buses and trolleys.  Make sure to secure transportation early, it books up fast!

6.  The Bride’s Accessories

The Bride will want everyone to know that she is the Bride the night of her Bachelorette Party! So make sure to purchase fun wedding accessories for her to wear so everyone will know it’s her special night.  These accessories can be anything including a sparkly tiara, a sash or even a wedding veil!  Also, consider the other ladies attending the party!  They may also want to wear something special to stand out from the crowd, like a feather boa!

7.  Don’t Forget the Themed Décor!

Whatever theme you choose needs to have plenty of décor!  We highly recommend Pinterest for great and fun décor ideas!

8. Games, Games & More Games!

Games are the best part of the Bachelorette Party!  Make sure to come up with plenty of games for you, the Bride and the other guests to play!  These games can be scheduled any time you have down time.  Examples of fun games can be found all over the internet, but here are some I love and suggest:

·         A Scavenger Hunt: Played throughout the day/night

·         Bride Trivia: Either who knows the Bride Best or if the Bride knows the Groom Quiz

·         Pin the tail on the Male: You Get the Hint

9. Don’t Forget to Invite Your Guests

Be sure to purchase invitations  that match the theme of the party and make sure to send them out to give guests enough time to RSVP and free their schedules!  Also, if this is a surprise for the bride, remind your guests that it is a surprise and inform them of any cover fees or costs that they will need to come up with.

10. Pay Ahead

Ask your guests to pay ahead of time for all of the Bachelorette Party Expenses.  To make things less confusing and easier for you, ask that your guests pay in cash… This way it will be easier to pay your vendor/venue the day of and you won’t have to sort through checks/credit cards.   

When planning this amazing night for one of your dearest friends/family members, just have fun with it!  Like I previously said, just remember to consider their personality, the guests and what they would love to do, and I guarantee she will have the best time and remember it for the rest of her life! 
BBFN (Bridal Bliss For Now),

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