Friday, January 27, 2012

Did You Put a Ring on It?

Congratulations to all off the newly engaged ladies who have undoubtedly been staring at their left hand quite often. Are you in love with your ring? We hope so. Soon you will likely start talking to your beloved about your wedding band. Do you have a dream band? Is your engagement ring part of a set? Will your bands match? Which brings me to my question today…

Is your guy wearing a ring?

It made news last year when Prince William decided not to wear a ring. Honestly, it didn’t send up and red flags for me. It’s not like the entire world didn’t know he was married. Many of us work early/stayed up late just to watch it! I know men who don’t wear their wedding rings on a regular basis, some not at all. They do this for a variety of personal and professional reasons. If their partner is ok with it, who am I to judge?

Looks like love to me!

Male Engagement Rings

On the far other end of the spectrum, it seems more guys are wearing engagement rings. These rings are given as a gift from a bride-to-be to her groom. Often, she gives it as a gift after he’s already asked her but some women are choosing to propose to their guy. Many grooms wear these rings up until their wedding day, and then put on a new wedding ring.

Ladies, can you imagine your guy wearing an engagement ring? What happens to it when they switch to a wedding ring? I can’t imagine them stacked the way women’s rings work. Or, are you ok with your guy wearing no ring at all?

Please share photos with us of your beautiful engagement and wedding bands as well!

BBFN (Bridal Bliss For Now),

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